About Placement Office

Placement Office acts as an interface between the Institute and the Industry. Based on the valuable inputs from the Industry Mentors, those inputs are adopted looking at the potential development of the pursuant students on campus and future prospects. As per the need, the inputs are made part of the curriculum, special training/workshops, and Pre-Placement Training in grooming students for their Industry preparedness (for first year’s) and Industry Readiness (for final years). Major thrust is on enhancing their employability skills and achieve good placement in various industries depending on their performance and merit at various levels.

In the present conditions, the competition for employment is increasingly becoming difficult and placement has become a challenging task. However, Training and Development are essential part in equipping students with much-needed life-skills to survive and come-out well to face the career-building challenges of future. Along with domain and technical expertise, development of a holistic personality is equally necessary. To meet these requirements, IIRM – Hyderabad thrusts more on the technology-based skill development of the students to make them fit for Industry changes for a good number of years and build their professional lives.


  • To look for employment for all students depending on their merit and performance.
  • To understand the core competencies of the students in identifying the potential recruiters.
  • To provide industry inputs and train the students to meet industry expectations and succeed.
  • To build a strong self-reliance in students and develop their overall personality.

Training and Development

  • Create awareness about life-skills development and have a focused career planning and mapping for future requirements.
  • Train the students help build an overall professional personality for self.
  • Taking students through varied processes of training to perform well in any of the industry assignments ( viz. Short-term Projects, Summer Internship Programme and Final Placements ) meeting the expectations of the corporate world.

Final Placement

Campus recruitment drives are undertaken by inviting companies from different Industry types from the pre-dominantly private sector to place at entry level positions (majority starts as Management Trainees). Placement assistance is provided industry-wise as well as by functional area wise. For this purpose, Placement Office continuously interacts with industry, business houses, and multinationals with a view to provide appropriate and timely career opportunities to pursuing students.

Internship and Projects

Placement Office initiates on various Industry engagements like corporate run challenges, paper presentations, and other short-term meets for students to gain exposure to the Industry relevant phenomenon. Also, initiatives on the short-term part-time projects ( W-F-H or remote/online submission based ) that which can keep students closer to the Industry and be abreast with dynamic happenings.

Summer Internship Programme is emphasised more importance as the same is considered as a platform for many as career builder/developer for future. The 3-month duration acts as a prelude to the final placements by laying a strong foundation in students towards achieving final Placements in selected cases. Students understand organization culture, distinct Industry approaches, and gain a comprehensive insights on how to achieve timely targets as given at different levels job assignments.

Programme Title : Post – Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

History of Placements

Batch No. of Participant Students Number of Students Placed Placement Percentage
2020 – 22 64 Under process 90.00% *
2019 – 21 91 88 98.00%
2018 – 20 57 57 100.00%
2017 – 19 53 53 100.00%
2016 – 18 52 52 100.00%

* process in-progress

Batch-wise CTC Offered by Recruiters

Batch Highest Offered (INR-L.P.A.) Average Offered (INR-L.P.A.) Lowest Offered (INR-L.P.A.)
2020 – 22 15,00,000 9,00,000 * – *
2019 – 21 10,00,000 5,10,000 3,60,000
2018 – 20 10,00,000 6,10,000 3,60,000
2017 – 19 10,00,000 5,50,000 3,60,000
2016 – 18 9,50,000 5,00,000 3,00,000
2015 – 17 9,44,000 6,60,000 3,50,000

* process in-progress

Placement Office

Dr. V. V. K. Mohan, Principal

Chairman Admissions

+91-40 2300 0005 Extn.:820

Ravi Kiran,
Placement Officer

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Mr. Sheshivardhan. M,
Placement Officer

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