Top b Schools in Hyderabad - Institute of Insurance and Risk Management - IIRM

PGDM 2020-22

The Course is spread over four semesters and is Approved by AICTE

Course Structure

First Semester: General Management Subjects

Second Semester: Specialisation in area of interest

  • Industry Oriented Experiential Learning
  • Internship
  • Industry Acclimatization

IIRM constantly evolves area of specialization in tune with the contemporary economic environment, the combination of specialisations is the key factor for potential career growth.

Guidance is provided to the students to select appropriate specialization in accordance with their aptitude and academic profile.

*A combination of Risk management & Business Analytics is highly Specialised Course which has limited seats, it is not part of the regular fee structure.

Financial Services : Students of Financial Services specialization will be equipped with practical and theoretical advances in finance, statistics, and economics to advance their careers on the path to fast growing sectors of Finance, Banking, Insurance and Consulting, etc.

Finance : It is for those who aspire to benefit from a better understanding of how the financial side of the business operates. The subjects incorporated take a totally realistic look into the broad aspects of financial management and relates theories, tools, and techniques to practical aspects for the student. It prepares the students for a career in a broad range of sectors including financial management, investment banking, and equity trading.

Business Analytics : This specialization is a field of data analysis. It involves studying past historical data to research potential trends, to analyze the effects of certain decisions or events, or to evaluate the performance of a given tool or scenario. This data, when captured, formatted, manipulated, stored and analyzed can help a company to gain useful insight to increase revenues, get or retain customers and improve operations.

Actuarial Science : Actuaries evaluate and manage financial risks, particularly in the financial services industry. If you are good at mathematics, enjoy problem-solving and are interested in financial matters, you should enjoy studying actuarial science. It is the discipline that applies Mathematical and Statistical methods to assess risk in Financial industries. Actuaries are trained professionals who analyse the financial consequences of risk. They use Mathematics, Statistics, and Financial theory to provide advice and solutions for business and societal issues.

Risk Management : It involves understanding, analysing and addressing risk to make sure organizations are adequately hedged to reach their objectives. It prepares the students for a career in investment banks, financial and management consultancies, auditing firms, risk management departments of financial institutions and government departments.

Insurance : The students are given a comprehensive understanding of the world insurance industry with inputs on managerial abilities. This specialization is a blend of domain knowledge and managerial skills. Courses of Insurance & Risk Management are accredited by CII, London. Students opting for these Specializations are eligible to obtain Dip CII and ACII qualifications on taking few more examinations.

Marketing : Marketing is a fascinating area to study and an integral function of most organisations. It involves research, strategic planning, brand and consumer analysis, and digital communication. The students here experience various subjects like Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing and Research, Brand Management, providing them with a universal view of Marketing. This specialization helps students of this stream to make effective Marketing decisions in various areas of Strategy framing, Advertising, Branding, etc.

Human Resource Management (HRM) : The attraction, retention and development of high-calibre people are a source of competitive advantage for organisations today and are the responsibility of human resource professionals. Students who opt this specialization manage the human capital of an organization with an emphasis on implementing policies and processes. The areas of specializations include Recruitment, Training & Development, Employee Benefits, Compensation Management etc.HR professionals can also work in the areas of Labour & Industrial relations. Human resource management is the centre of business performance and a critical partner for organisational success.

Health Insurance : Health Insurance is a way to pay for health care. It is a promise to encounter the eventualities of health care expenditures. The objective is to offer safeguards against any financial losses triggered by uncertain health issues and at the same time dismissing anxiety and mental pressure. Hence it can be appropriately called Health care Insurance and it requires many professionals to meet the huge demand of the Insurance sector.