Latest Notifications
Understanding Cyber Risk and Insurance(Brochure) (Registration form)
Drone Insurance – What you must know(Brochure) (Registration form)
Tender for supply of Laptops
Green Sustainable Insurance Program (Brochure) (Registration form)
Results of Semester-I Examinations of Executive Program in Actuarial Science (Batch 2021-2022)
Distance Education (IPGD Risk Management / General Insurance / Life Insurance ) – Notification for conduct of DL Examinations for 30th & Previous Batch Students in July, 2022
Digital Skill Enhancement in Insurance (Brochure) (Registration form)
Inviting applications for the post of Managing Director (Last date for receiving applications is 01 Mar 2022)
Sales and Relationship Management (Brochure) (Registration form)
Notification for conduct of DLE Examinations( IPGD RM/GI/LI ) for 29th & Previous Batches, January 2022
Post Graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science for Working Professionals(Brochure)
Distance learning – IPGD Reinsurance Course (Brochure)
Managing Enterprise Risk in a volatile environment (Brochure) (Registration form)
Results of PGDM Course (Batch 2019-2021)
Notification for conduct of Online Supplementary Examinations for PGDM (Batch 2018-2020) & PGDM (Batch 2019-2021)
Results of PGDM Semester-II (Batch 2020-2022) End Term Examinations
Results of PGDM Semester-I (Batch 2020-2022) Supplementary examinations
Results of PGCM (Batch 2020-21)
Notification for conduct of DLE Examinations for 28th & Previous Batch Students, July 2021
Notification for conduct of Online Supplementary Examinations for PGCM (Batch 2020-2021)
Results of Supplementary Examinations of PGDM Course -Batch( 2018-2020) & Batch (2019-2021)
*** Notification for Regular Classes of all Courses ***
Re-opening of the Institute for regular classes for students of PGDM II year - Batch of 2019-21
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Training Programme on "Nuts and Bolts of Reinsurance" (Brochure)
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Technology Intervention in Motor Insurance (Brochure)
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Diploma in Data Science for Decision Making (Brochure)
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Notification for conduct of PGDM (Batch 2019-21) Semester - III End Term Examinations Online Mode
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