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Educational Loan Support

IIRM is associated with several banks to ensure swift financial assistance for students interested in availing educational loans. The interest rates and other details are subject to change as per the discretion of the banks. Please contact the respective banks for further information.

For Andhra Bank: S. No: 752 (Click here)

For ICICI Bank details Click here

List of Documents: (Please note this list is not exhaustive and few additional documents might be needed on a case to case basis)

Indicative List of documents / papers (in duplicate or triplicate depending upon powers of sanction) to be submitted by the applicants.

1 Application Form
2 Identity and address proof of borrower, Joint borrower & Co-obligants
3 Passport size photographs – borrower, Joint borrower & Co-obligants
4 Proof of date of birth of the borrower
5 Marks memo from 10 th onwards
6 Bonafide certificate
7 Certificate of domicile
8 Study certificate
9 Rank card
10 Proof of allotment of seat
11 Fee particulars from college / university
12 Verification of accreditation of the College / University by our Bank
13 Letter of informing allotment or other wise of Hostel accommodation and charges
14 Proof of availability of scholarship
15 Copy of university admission letter – indicating the course duration, fee structure, insurance particulars, cost of study and scholarship if any. (From – 1 20 in case of education abroad)
16 Proof and source of income of parents / guardians – Salary certificate (In case of professional and self-employed, business people and others who are tax assesses – copies of tax assessment orders of previous 3 years).
17 Photocopies of title deed of properties, NSCs, LIC Policies, Shares & securities etc. – as and when collateral security is stipulated.
18 1. Certified copy of the title deed indicating title to the property. Wherever Collateral Security is Offered.
2. Copies of all link documents
3. Tax paid receipts
4. NIL Encumbrance certificate
5. Valuation Report by approved valuer
6. Legal opinion and any other document stipulated by Legal Advisor / sanctioning authority
7. Certification of Inspection of Security
8. Managers certificate for valuation of property